Technical Information Zirconia Products

Why choose zirconia products?

Zirconia (ZrO2) products can withstand the high temperature up to 2100°C. It is an ideal material for the melting of precious metals and super-alloys which have melting point higher than 1800°C.

What's the highest temperature that zirconia products can withstand?

Calcium-stabilized zirconia products can withstand up to 2100°C (3812°F). Yttrium-stabilized zirconia products can withstand up to 1500°C (2732°F).

What's the chemical composition of your calcium-stablized zirconia products?

Zirconia Composition

*Yttrium-stablized zirconia components are available upon request.

What are the engineering properties of your calcium-stablized zirconia products?

Zirconia Properties

How to store zirconia products?

Zirconia products should be stored in a dry place. If they get wet, let the crucible dry naturally before using them. If dry crucibles by placing in a dryer or oven, make sure that the dry process go slowly.

What should I pay attention to when I use zirconia products?

  • Zirconia products are fragile. Please handle them carefully and avoid collision during unpacking, transportation, handling and cleaning.
  • Check whether any micro-cracks exist before using zirconia products. Products with micro-cracks should not be used.
  • Do not load too many materials in zirconia crucibles, which can increase the possibility of uneven heating.
  • Slow ramp rate and cooling rate are highly recommended to minimize the thermal shock on crucibles. When increasing the temperature, special attention should be paid on two sensitive temperature periods: not exceeding 3°C/MIN during 100°C ~300°C and 1050°C ~1200°C. The rate can be faster in other temperature ranges, but it is recommended to be less than 5°C /MIN.
  • To take the crucible directly out of furnace at high temperature may cause crack. If possible, take it out when the temperature is under 100°C.
  • Zirconia crucibles should not be heated by torch or furnaces that cannot control temperature change rate. The uneven heating can cause crack.
  • It is recommended to put some zirconia powder (around 100mesh) between the bottom of the crucible and the support of crucible to achieve consistency in thermal expansion coefficient.
  • If the crucible is used in induction furnace, the crucible should be surrounded by zirconia powder.
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