About Us

About Us

Based in Tucson, Arizona, AdValue Technology is the leading supplier of high temperature ceramic products made of Alumina, Fused Quartz, Zirconia and Sapphire.

Our products include crucibles, tubes and rods, plates and discs, combustion boats, and many custom components. Those products are used in a wide range of high temperature, chemical resistant and wear resistant applications.

Our mission is to serve as a long-term and value-adding partner to our customers, and help them achieve and preserve excellence and efficiency with our quality products and superior services.

In order to achieve that goal, we spend continuous efforts in achieving customer satisfaction. We are committed to:

  • Business integrity
  • Consistent high quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable services

We look forward the opportunity to serve your business and be your long term partner.

New Single Crystal Sapphire products!

A combination of high strength, great heat resistance, wide transmission wavelength range, excellent thermal conductivity and stable electrical properties. Check out the new standard sizes in stock!

Single Crystal Sapphire Substrate
Single Crystal Sapphire Substrate

Single Crystal Sapphire Wafers
Single Crystal Sapphire Wafers

New Quartz Cuvettes and Sapphire Sample Pans

Quartz Cuvettes: Designed to hold samples for spectroscopic experiments. Applicable wave length range 190nm~2500nm. Macro, semi-micro and micro sizes are all available. Offered with 2 polished sides or 4 polished sides.

Sapphire Sample Pan for thermal analysis: A solution for applications requiring extreme high purity and high temperature. Affordable alternative to platinum sample pans.

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