Technical Information Transparent Ceramics Products

Why choose Transparent Ceramics products?

Perlucor® Transparent Ceramics (MgAl2O4) is an outstanding material that offers many unique benefits.

  • Very high scratch resistance against all natural materials, except for diamond and ruby.
  • Prolonged durability (by a factor of 20 to 80 times vs. glass).
  • Very good heat conductibility (significantly higher than glass).
  • Very high temperature resistance (> 1.000°C; however, in case of temperature differentials between inner and outer surface > 180° thermo-shock may occur).
  • Very high chemical resistance against all kinds of acids and alkalis at different concentrations, temperatures, and exposure times (except for hydro-fluoric acid after longer exposure)
  • Very good transmission (all kinds of coatings applicable).
  • No bi-refringence.
  • High di-electric constant.

Perlucor® Transparent Ceramics finds its use in a broad range of applications, including instrument windows, ballistic protection, scanner systems, sensor protective covers, watch components, and various mobile applications such as phone and camera covers.

What are the engineering properties of your alumina products?

Density ρ ≥ 3.57 g/cm3
Hardness (Vickers scale) HV 1 ≥ 13.8 GPa
Refractive index n 1.72
Transparency IT (thickness 1 – 10 mm) ≥ 80%
Thermal conductivity l ≥ 12 W/mK
Young’s modulus E ≥ 280 GPa
Poisson’s ratio ט ~ 0.22
Sound velocity VL ≥ 10,000 m/s
Dielectric constant 8 – 9
Bending strength бB 250 – 350 MPa
Compressive strength б ≥ 2000 MPa
Coefficient of thermal expansion (30 – 200 °C) α ~ 6.9*10-6/K