Technical Information Opaque Quartz

What are opaque quartz crucibles?

Opaque quartz crucibles are made by arc-melting of high purity quartz sands. They are used by semiconductor and solar industries for growing single crystal from silicon melt at about 1450°C. Fused quartz, due to its high purity and high temperature properties, is the ideal material for such process.
The opaque quartz crucibles can also be used in many industrial applications such as chemical processing and powder calcinations because of its high purity and excellent chemical resistance.

What's the highest temperature that opaque quartz crucibles can withstand?

Opaque quartz crucibles can be used up to 1450°C (2642°F).

What are the trace elements of your opaque fused quartz crucibles?

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*Higher purity compositions for semiconductor applications are available upon request.

What should I pay attention to when I use opaque quartz crucibles?

Follow typical clean room and lab procedures when use quartz crucibles. Wearing gloves instead of using your bare hands when touch the products. Use good cushion materials for packaging. As quartz products are fragile, be very careful to avoid collision during packing, transportation, storage and usage.