High Purity Titanium Diboride Powders

High Purity Titanium Diboride Powders

Titanium Diboride Powders

AdValue Technology offers Titanium Diboride Powders, which have some unique properties and features:

  • Density: ≥4.45g/cm3
  • Melting Point: 2980°C
  • Micro Hardness: 34Gpa
  • Coefficient of Heat Expansion: 8.1 * 10-6m/m.k
  • Coefficient of Heat Conductivity: 25J/m.s.k
  • Electrical Resistivity: 14.4 µ Ω.cm
  • Temperature of Anti-Oxidation (in air): 1000°C
  • Chemical inert in HCI and HF acid solution

Some typical applications of Titanium Diboride Powders include:

  • Electricity conductive ceramics materials.
  • Ceramics cutting tools and die.
  • Composite ceramics materials.
  • Cathodic coating materials and flexible PTC materials.
  • PTC heating ceramic materials and flexible PTC materials.
  • Good reinforcer for metals such as alumina, iron, copper.

AdValue Technology offers two grades of Titanium Diboride Powders:

Item Premium Products
Content ≥99%
Oxygen Content ≤0.700%
Carbon Content ≤0.300%
Average Particle Size (D50) 1~100µm (can be custom designed)

Please feel free to contact us via email: sales@advaluetech.com or phone: 1-520-514-1100 to discuss about your application and the needs of Titanium Diboride powders.