High Purity Boron Nitride Powders

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High Purity Boron Nitride Powders

High Purity Boron Nitride Powders

AdValue Technology offers high purity Boron Nitride Powders. Sintered under high temperature up to 2000°C, our Boron Nitride Powders feature good crystallization, high purity and stable quality. Boron Nitride Powders can be used in a wide array of applications, such as:

  1. Metal forming mold release agents and metal wiredrawing lubricants.
  2. High-temperature solid lubricants, anti-abrasive additives, fireproof & anti-oxidation additives.
  3. Thermo-shield dryers applicable to transistor, polymer additives.
  4. Heat shielding materials.
  5. Raw material of CBN (cubic boron nitride).

We offer several different grades of Boron Nitride powders to meet different application requirements.

Grade Purity(B+N) Oxygen(O2) Carbon (c) B2O3 Metallic impurities Particle size Specific Surface (BET) Bulk density
BN-A >99% ~0.2% ~0.03% <0.1% <0.18% 4~6µm 6~8m2/g 0.2~0.4
BN-AS >99% ~0.25% ~0.03% <0.25% <0.2% 15~20µm 2~5m2/g 0.2~0.4
BN-B >99% ~0.3% ~0.07% <0.3% <0.21% 5~9µm 5~8m2/g 0.2~0.4

Please feel free to contact us via email: sales@advaluetech.com or phone: 1-520-514-1100 to discuss about your application and the needs of Boron Nitride powders.

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