Quartz Evaporation Material

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Quartz Coating Material

Quartz Coating Material

Silicon Dioxide Granules (SIO2 evaporation material for coating)

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Purity (%)
Package Size
Price (/pkg)
Stock #:FQ-GN-01
Purity (%):≥99.99
Size:Dia 0.3mm~0.6mm
Package Size:1kg
Price (/pkg):$94.60
Stock #:FQ-GN-02
Purity (%):≥99.99
Size:Dia 1~3mm
Package Size:1kg
Price (/pkg):$94.60

Quartz coating materials in other forms (rings, pellets, discs, crucibles, etc.) are also available upon request.

Quartz Coating Ring Quartz Coating Ring 2 Quartz Coating Crucible

No minimum quantity requirement

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