Chemical Grade Fused Quartz Crucibles

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Chemical Grade Fused Quartz Crucibles

Chemical Grade Fused Quartz Crucibles

Opaque quartz crucibles are made by arc-melting of high purity quartz sands. They are used by semiconductor and solar industries for growing single crystal ingots. Fused quartz, due to its high purity and high temperature properties, is the ideal material for such process. The opaque quartz crucibles can also be used in many industrial applications such as chemical processing and powder calcinations because of its high purity and excellent chemical resistance. Call or email for quotation.

All dimensions listed are outside dimensions.

Stock #:FQ-3110
Diameter:254mm (10in)
Height:190.5mm (7.5in)
Stock #:FQ-3112
Diameter:304.8mm (12in)
Height:228.6mm (9in)
Stock #:FQ-3114
Diameter:355.6mm (14in)
Height:279.4mm (11in)
Stock #:FQ-3116
Diameter:406.4mm (16in)
Height:279.4mm (11in)
Stock #:FQ-3118
Diameter:457.2mm (18in)
Height:320mm (12.6in)
Stock #:FQ-3120
Diameter:508mm (20in)
Height:355.6mm (14in)

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