Ceramic Membranes for Optimal Separation

Ceramic Membranes for Optimal Separation

What We Offer

  • High quality Ceramic Membranes and Carriers with extreme homogeneity and narrow pore size distribution in the range of 0.1~2.0µm
  • Dense ceramic membranes for gas separation and gas lines.
  • Coated ceramic ultra-/nano filtration membranes for ranges under 0.1µm
  • Optimal tolerances and smooth surface finish
  • Innovative sealing technology that eliminates polymeric seals.
  • Translucent production possible.
ceramic membranes


Our ceramic membranes and carriers are developed for the optimal separation of a wide range of fluids and gases. Application areas include:

  • Chemical
  • Steel
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Biotechnology
  • Drinking Water
  • Waste Water
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverages
    • Dairy
    • Beer
    • Wine
    • Fruit Juice

Why Choose Ceramic Membranes and Carriers

Compared to polymers, ceramic membranes offer a narrow pore size distribution exactly matching the components to be separated. They also provide better resistance against aggressive chemicals, high temperatures, a high and constant flux and a long service life.

Ceramic carriers are an ideal base for membranes and micro-filtration applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry as well as in water and waste water processing.

The polymer-free all-ceramic sealing of our membrane tube assemblies leads to several clear advantages:

  • Maintenance free long life seals which can resist much higher temperatures and pressures compared with polymeric seals and is fully inert;
  • For sanitary membranes, the absence of polymeric seals greatly reduced the sensitivity for bacterial infection at the seals by a full fit;
  • Compatible with severe back washes with aggressive chemicals in order to clean filters, leading to low maintenance costs

Designs Available

Substrate materialα-aluminum oxide
Operating modecrossflow
ConfigurationMultiple options
Lengthmax. 1200 mm, standard lengths are 250, 600 and 1200mm
Mean pore diameter 2 µm1 µm0.6 µm0.2 µm0.1 µm40 nm20 nm
Configuration Design No. of Channels OD/ID (mm) Length (mm) Surface (m²) Drawing
Single Bore ceramic membrane image 001 1 <18.0/>1.0 ≤ 1200 0.003~0.06 ceramic membrane image 002
4-tube system ceramic membrane image 003 4 25.4/7.0 ≤ 1200 ~0.11 ceramic membrane image 004
Multi-bore ceramic membrane image 005 4 25.4/7.0 ≤ 1200 ~0.11 ceramic membrane image 006
Multi-bore ceramic membrane image 007 7 25.4/6.0 ≤ 1200 ~0.16 ceramic membrane image 008
Multi-bore ceramic membrane image 009 37 25.4/2.7 ≤ 1200 ~0.38 ceramic membrane image 010
Hollow fiber 1” module with hollow fibers 19 Fiber 4.3/2.8 166 ~0.03 ceramic membrane image 011
Hollow fiber 4” module with hollow fibers 220 Fiber 4.3/2.8 360 ~0.7
Hollow fiber 8” module with hollow fibers 1300 Fiber 4.3/2.8 360 ~4.1
Ceramic Membranes for Optimal Separation Ceramic Membranes for Optimal Separation

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