BN-AlN Ceramics(Boron Nitride Composite)

BN-AlN Ceramics(Boron Nitride Composite)

Grade BN-L
Main Ingredients Boron Nitride + Aluminum Nitride
Density g/cm3 2.85
Hardness HL 650
Flexural Strength Mpa 250
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (10-6/K) 2.5~3
Thermal Conductivity at 20°C W/mk 85
MAX-Temperature of use Oxidizing 900°C
Vacuum 1800°C
Inert 2200°C
RT Resistivity Ω.cm >1013

Features & Advantages

  1. High temperature resistance
  2. High thermal conductivity
  3. Strong mechanical strength
  4. Low thermal expansion
  5. Good machinability
  6. Excellent electricity insulation
  7. Chemically stable to molten metals

Typical Applications

  1. Electrical Insulation components
  2. Semiconductor equipment components
  3. Molded glass fixture material
  4. Vacuum components
  5. Heat sinks
  6. Crucibles for vacuum deposition
  7. Bearings and gears
  8. Specialty refractory parts and tubes