Boron Nitride Product BN-A grade

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Boron Nitride Product BN-A grade

Grade BN-A
Chemical Structure (BN%) % 99
Other Components no
Density g/cm3 >2
Hardness HL 300
Flexural Strength Mpa 35
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (25°C ~ 1200°C) (10-6/K) -1~2.5
Thermal Conductivity at 20°C W/mk 50
MAX-Temperature of use Oxidizing 900°C
Vacuum 1800°C
Inert 2200°C
RT Resistivity Ω.cm >1014

BN-A grade products are made of high purity Boron Nitride powders without any binder. They can withstand extreme high temperature and maintain the purity of materials.

Typical Applications

  1. High purity BN crucibles for molten metal processing
  2. Crucibles and setter plate for Nitride phosphors, Silicon Nitride and Aluminum nitride firing
  3. Insulators and protective tubes for high-temperature furnaces
  4. Insulators for polysilicon furnace

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