Ceramic Film Products

Ceramic Film Products

!AdValue Technology can provide Ceramic film products based on alumina, aluminum nitride, beryllium oxide, ferrite and microwave substrate such as in line ceramic substrate. We can offer fine line, fine circuit, ceramic edge side graphics and metallization, side wall coating and double sided graphical circuit.

Film Structure

Cr/Ni/Au; Ti/Pt/Au

Film Forming Method

Ion sputtering; Ion assisted evaporation

Graphic  Technology

Strip width 0.015mm, minimum distance in-between 0.012mm, accuracy of 0.002mm

Minimum size of 0.2mm * 0.2mm, accuracy of 0.02mm;          

Semiconductor lithography technology, Laser etching technology; Nano mask + photoresist technology;  Lift-off technology     

Film Resistor Technology

Film resistance materials: TaN, Pt, NiCr;         

Surface resistance: 10 ohms / - 50 / - 100, Omega, Omega /.       

                     Precision resistance: laser trimming (0.5%, 0.01%)         

Minimum resistance 1, maximum resistance 50K Omega, accuracy 5%, 10%

Thin Film Inductor Technology

Precision coil inductance

Side Graphics Metallization Technology

Precision lithography   

Golden Tin Solder


Film thickness: 3 microns, 5 microns;        

Welding temperature: 290~320

Ceramic Half Cutting

Half cutting of ultra thin ceramic products